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Mary began her soap making journey when she needed a chemistry project for her high school daughter. They had a blast making soap and fell in love with the craft. Once they did the research on what their family had been slathering all over their bodies, they couldn't go back. As a family, they were conscientious of what they put IN their bodies, but not realizing the importance of what goes ON the body! Your skin is your largest organ and first line of defense. We should "feed" our skin an equally clean diet. Mary began to approach their skincare in the same way she addressed their diet; making one small, but lasting change at a time; knowing there is always room for growth. She was the Co-Founder/Owner of Soap Solutions for 6 Years and is now the sole owner of Sixth Street Soapery where she focuses on simple, everyday skincare; soap, deodorant, oil based moisturizers, and much more.

She is a 7 year member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild and has since become an Advanced Certified Soap Maker. Mary is thoughtful of each ingredient and truly believes simple ingredients in the right combination make extraordinary products.


VOTED 2017 BEST BOUTIQUE Reader's Choice Awards
VOTED 2017 ARTISAN OF THE YEAR Evansville Living Magazine 
Featured in Evansville Business Journal, Dec 2017 issue "Entrepreneurial Corner."